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Psychotherapy & Counselling in Earls Court, West London, SW5

Psychotherapy can help with deep-seated issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma. Equally, it is used by those who generally cope well, and who may be going through a transition or loss, experiencing difficulties, hoping to make changes, or to find more fulfilment and meaning in their lives.

Psychotherapy provides a confidential space in which to consider the conscious and unconscious dynamics which shape our lives. The origins of psychotherapy can be traced to both medicine and philosophy and these traditions are reflected in the range of ways in which people tend to draw on psychotherapy today.

Who may benefit?

Some people use psychotherapy as a means of resolving common concerns such as loneliness, self-doubt and painful memories. It can provide support through life’s inevitable pressures, challenges, upheavals and losses. Whether there are stresses at work, difficulties creating fulfilling relationships, or long-standing problems emanating from childhood, there may be times when it is helpful to share concerns with someone who is not a friend or relative.

As well as helping with mental health issues, people often seek psychotherapy to explore questions around relationships, identity, self-esteem - and the perplexing patterns which seem to shape their lives. It provides a place where it may feel acceptable to talk freely about all aspects of ourselves and to air dreams, fantasies, inner conflicts and ambivalence.

Anyone may experience mental health issues, particularly in the face of distressing circumstances or traumatic events. These often have complex multiple causes – including biological, psychological, social and environmental factors.

Psychotherapy is not about giving advice. It provides a safe setting in which to reflect on concerns and clarify your own choices.

Integrative psychotherapist and counsellor in Earls Court, West London, SW5.


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